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How to Order

  -    -  How to Order

Select which wallpaper pattern you like.

Measure your wall (height and width).

Use the form below to send Krista your order.

Confirm order by making payment.

Please fill out this form to order your wallpaper

    If you have more than one wall to wallpaper, enter your first wall dimensions below, then add your additional walls to the "Message About Your Order" box at the bottom (we need to keep measurements for each wall separate)


    If the Submit form doesn’t give you a confirmation, please email your info to krista@kristapower.com and I’ll get back to you right away.

    Tips for measuring your walls.

    Measuring your walls is an easy process. First, how many walls are you looking to apply wallpaper to? I recommend making a simple drawing of your walls on a piece of paper, this will help you keep track of your measurements.


    Use a measuring tape to measure your wall. For our purposes you want to be logging measurements in inches. Always measure the longest and widest parts of the wall, ignore any obstacles like doors, windows, beams, slopes – these will be trimmed away during installation. The two numbers you need for each wall is the length of your wall, and the height. We recommend measuring to the floor when getting your height measurements rather than from the top of a floor board – your installer may choose to paste behind floor boards, so you want to make sure you have enough wallpaper just in case. Always round up to the nearest inch – its better to trim away a little excess paper than to be a tad short.


    Its best to keep track of each wall’s measurements separately for your records.



    If you have curved walls make sure your measuring tape follows the shape of the wall.

    Turnaround time to receive wallpaper

    Orders are not considered confirmed until you have chosen your pattern-swatch, provided your wall measurements, and made payment. Once payment has arrived printing will start.

    All wallpapers are printed in Canada, please allow a couple weeks for printing and delivery.

    Can I get a sample swatch?

    Swatches are available for $8 plus shipping (local pickup available for metro-St. John’s customers). They come on 8.5×11 sheets of the same stock your wallpaper will be printed on. They’re great for giving you a sense of scale and colour.

    Question about wallpaper?

    Email me at krista@kristapower.com